Thursday, April 7, 2016

Change Editor for Git Commit Messages

Git is a very powerful tool especially when used from a console. Obviously committing changes is a pretty common task which includes editing commit messages. If a message is short it is easy to specify it via -m option:
$ git commit -m "my commit message"
But what if you have a long list of changes and you need a descriptive well-formatted commit message? It would be cool to write it in your favorite text editor, wouldn't it? Is there a way to tell Git which editor to use? Yes, it is. According to the docs for git-commit:

"The editor used to edit the commit log message will be chosen from the GIT_EDITOR environment variable, the core.editor configuration variable, the VISUAL environment variable, or the EDITOR environment variable (in that order)."

I'm a Vim fan and I stick to the core.editor configuration variable. So, here is my preferred way to configure commit message editor:
$ git config --global core.editor "vim"
Now I can omit -m option and enjoy editing commit messages in Vim :)

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