Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hi there!

My name is Andrii Polunin. I’m a software developer. I decided to create this blog to publish my personal thoughts and different kinds of technical information related to software development. I’m doing commercial enterprise software development using mostly Java technologies for six years and I like many other seasoned software developers concluded that it can be quite a burden. We all know lots of reasons why commercial software development is pain, so I won’t bother you by repeating them (for young software developers who believe in the bright future I would recommend a book “Death March” by Edward Yourdon, which clearly describes the actual state of affairs in the field).

But I’m still strongly convinced that computer programming is more than that. I believe that it’s an art. I believe that every software developer is a creative person to some extent who can unleash the creativity despite the commercial programming pain. That’s why I decided to post here everything I considered useful and interesting when it comes to software development.

Ok, that’s enough for the intro :)
See you soon!

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